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A L B E R T ‘ S B E D R O O M

After doing Percy’s bedroom, I decided that Albert’s needed updating as it no longer flowed with the rest of the upstairs. We also decided to take the plunge and put Albert into a conventional bed which was a really brave move but it has actually paid off.

In Albert’s old bedroom, I made him a house bed which was in essence a giant cot. It had sides on it as he wasn’t ready for a bed but had outgrown his cot bed. This made life quite restricting for us as we couldn’t stay away from home without the worry of where and how Albert would sleep. Now he sleeps in a 4ft bed with no sides and it means we can finally go on holiday without worry of sleeping arrangements! Anyway, back to his bedroom...

I bought a 4ft bed frame from Argos (he already had this size mattress from his house bed) but wanted to give it a padded head board so it was softer if Albert bashed into it whilst sleeping. So I ordered a piece of upholstery foam cut to size from eBay and some linen fabric and covered the headboard.

Albert already had a painted ceiling with a scallop feature in a pale blue. I decided to change this to a really warm mustard colour called Sassafras Tea by Valspar. The whole feel of the room suddenly changed once I painted this. There was a small section behind his old wardrobe which hadn‘t been painted at all so I had to add the scallops in here. To do do, I used a spirit level to drawer a line and a frog tape box as my template. I marked the halfway point of the circle using a piece of tape. This would ensure the semi circle shape is even when drawing out my scallops. Once they are all drawn you just need a round paint brush and a steady hand to paint them. I actually enjoy painting these so much and find it very therapeutic!

I also decided to change the wallpaper in here. I really love using wallpaper in children’s spaces. There’s some really beautiful choices out there and they really can transform a space. I decided to use the Ferm Living Katie Scott bird wallpaper. It’s a really soft beige with grey detailing and is just beautiful.

I also decided to do the same #ivarhack for the wardrobes as I did in Percy’s room. I loved the natural pine look of the wardrobes and they just looked so neat and sweet. Wardrobes can be such an ugly feature so when you find something that looks good, it’s a good idea to stick with it. At this point, we were going into another lockdown and the shops were closed. The ivar units were sold out in Ikea for click and collect or delivery so I searched high and low on facebook marketplace for the units. I was lucky enough to find one new one for sale. And then I found another but it was quite old and the doors had darkened with age. I tried a few different tricks to lighten to doors but it just wasnt looking right. It then dawned on me that I had lots of ivar units in my tool storage room and I’d covered them in rattan. So I pinched these doors as a temporary measure until the units come back into stock.

I decided to make Albert’s curtains using fabric from eBay. I always make the boys curtains as really struggle to find any I like! They are lined with blackout fabric too.

For Albert’s new bedside cabinet, we were sent a beautiful plywood locker from Urbansize (PR product). I love using plywood in our home so this was a real treat to have this lovely piece of furniture.

I was also lucky enough to work with Scandiborn again on this project. They stock the most beautiful modern children’s items and have such a huge range of items. The following items were PR products from Scandiborn:

Pineapple rug

Bed canopy

Dolls house

Some other small businesses featured in this room:

Tayler & Hugo

What The Mood

Happy Sunday Studio

Curly Cubs

Kitty Makes

Bow in the Sky

William Rose Rooms

This Modern Life

The Modern Nursery

Home by Four

Velveteen Babies

Never Perfect Studio

Ella and the Roo

Rosie Meringue

Here‘s the finished room... I wanted this to be a very cosy and calming space for Albert. And I’m pleased that I’ve managed to achieve that for him.

Contains affiliate links and PR products 🤎

Any questions, let me know.

Jayne x

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