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Updated: Apr 7, 2021

When we bought our house, the lounge had a very plain and basic fireplace with a log burner. One of the first things we did was have a professional chimney sweeper come in to sweep it for us and they instantly condemned it as unsafe as it was giving out carbon monoxide. We decided to remove the log burner and, for now, use it for decorative purposes.

We used floor tiles from Mosaic Factory in our hallway and we loved them so much that we decided to use them on the inside of the fireplace too. I chose a geometric monochrome design.

I knew I wanted to do some strip panelling to make a modern looking surround. I have used this panelling in our downstairs WC and in the Study so thought it would make the downstairs flow nicely to use it again. This time I decided to use Birch Plywood and leave it unpainted. I used 18mm thick plywood and had it cut into strips of 30mm wide. I also order my Birch Plywood online from One Stop DIY as they deliver fast and the quality of plywood is lovely. I also used the same plywood to make a shelf to sit on top of the panelling. I attached the shelf using No More Nails and a few screws into the below panels to give it a floating look.

The rest of it was the fun styling part! I chose an arched over mantel mirror with a black frame as wanted it to be very simple as there was a lot going on with the actual fireplace. I bought the mirror from a local shop to me.

I then used some beautiful concrete plant pots from Anther & Moss and filled the inside of the fireplace with plants.

You can also see a sneak peak of our new flooring from V4 Wood Flooring and I will speak about this on my next blog post about the rest of the lounge.

Any questions, let me know. Jayne x

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