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Updated: Apr 7, 2021

This was an area which has been on my to do list for a while. And when my husband, Andrew, started working from home every day it became more apparent how desperately it needed doing!

Our study is a decent sized room but was full of lots of stuff. We had two large wardrobes where we stored coats, shoes and tools. And I also had 3 Ikea Kallax units full of tools and DIY equipment.

Before we had our hallway floor tiles laid, I had a plan to build an under stairs cupboard to store our coats and shoes but once it was down I couldn’t bear to cover the area and it was lovely being open so I had to rethink everything. I wanted the coats and shoes out of the study as my tools and DIY equipment are ever-growing and I desperately needed more storage for them. I decided to put two small wardrobes in the utility room which meant half of the study was mine to find the best storage solution. But I’ll leave this for a separate blog post which I’ll be writing very soon!

Anyway, back to the office area. I felt my husband needed a better area to work from as he’s now in there 5 days a week and we‘re uncertain as to how long this will carry on for. And even when things return to ‘normal’ after COVID, he’s pretty certain he’ll be working from home a lot more.

I’m always inspired by Luke Arthur Wells amazing home and loved the way he added strip panelling around his home office area. I’d also done this method in our downstairs WC so felt it would give a nice flow to the house to do something similar around the desk area.

We already had Ikea ‘Alex’ units as the base for the desk so I gave these a new paint job in Frenchic Blackjack. They were originally dark grey but black is a much better colour for the new area.

I also decided to paint the wall behind the desk white. It had some Ferm Living Grid Wallpaper but I felt It would look too fussy with what I had planned.

I bought a new desktop too as wanted to use laminated pine to match the Ivar units on the opposite wall. I chose 27mm pine in a length of 180cm. I purchased this from my local timber yard but eBay also sell similar.

It was then time to start the panelling. I opted for 12mm MDF and had it cut to strips of 30mm widths. The height I chose was 85cm. I wanted it quite high as was going to build a monitor stand so wanted to make sure the panels sat higher than the computer monitor. I also wanted to add a small shelf to sit on top of the panelling for some decorative items. Because of this I added some L Brackets underneath some of the panels so the shelf could sit on top and be screwed onto the brackets. This did make those panels stick out a little but it wouldn’t be noticeable once it’s all painted. I used a spare strip as my spacer and stuck the panels to the wall using No More Nails. Unfortunately I couldn’t use my nail gun to attach them, as this is a solid wall so any that popped out I held into place with some Frogtape until the glue was dry. I also checked that every strip was straight, using a spirit level. It’s very easy to go off course and no one wants wonky strips!

Once the glue was dry I then attached the little shelf. Annoyingly I didn’t add enough L Brackets which made the shelf droopy. So I had to put some above the shelf. But I’ll paint these in and hide with shelf decor.

It was then time to choose the colour of the panelling. I wanted a neutral colour and it was a toss up between Frenchic Cool Beans or Stone Rosie. I went for Stone Rosie as it was a warmer colour and compliemted the pine desk better.

Painting was a buggar! When I did the WC I painted the panels first by spraying them and painted the wall first. But as i wasn’t sure on colour I painted after they were up and it was hard work! I’m sure there’s but I missed! Bit it was worth the effort as looked so lovely once done

It was now time to build the monitor shelf. I bought an extra piece of pine in the same width as the desk (180cm) but with a 18mm thickness and 22cm depth. I cut 3 pieces of pine as the supports, which were 15cm in height and screwed it all together. It was now coming together nicely.

The last piece of building I had to do, was to make two drawers to sit underneath the monitor shelf. I wanted to do this so everything could be placed in them at the end of each day, keeping the area lovely and tidy. I think this is wishful thinking on my half, as my husband is messier than me! But at least the option would be there. I used 6mm mdf and had 5 pieces cut to size for each drawer. I always have wood cut for me where possible as my cutting is never as good as the professional machines they use. I glued the pieces together and also used tiny nails for extra support.

I painted the drawers using Stone Rosie to match the panelling. To make them extra fancy, I added some cane webbing to the fronts. I always purchase my cane from The Canestore. I cut the cane to the exact size of the front of each drawer and after soaking it, I used a staple gun to attach it tightly to the fronts. It’s always recommended to soak the cane before use so that it has more stretch to it and dries nice and tight

I used half circle pine moulding strips which I purchased from B&Q to trim the fronts and cover where I’d stapled the cane. I used a mitre block and hacksaw to get the corners perfect and attached the trim with No More Nails and used clamps to secure until dry.

The last job was to attach the drawer handles. I purchased some minimal black pull handles from Amazon which finished them off perfectly!

It was now time to dress the area which is always the most fun part!

I now love this whole area so much! And think my husband is pretty lucky he gets to work here every day. Let me know if you have any questions at all. Jayne x

Items used in finished area:

Mirror - Wayfair

Folding chair - Daals

Desk drawers - Ikea

Clock - Karlsson

Print - Nick Cranston

Hanging Planter - Matt Baldwin Design

Rug - La Redoute

Ceramic Sculpture - H&M

Lamp - Trouva

Candlestick - H&M

*Contains affiliate links

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