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Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Turn a plain cabinet into a statement piece of furniture.

We all love cane and rattan furniture – it’s a trend that isn’t going away. The price tags can often be out of a lot of peoples’ reach. This fairly simple hack can give you a beautiful piece of furniture without the high cost.

Items you’ll need:

· Ikea Ivar Unit

· Cane webbing

· Jigsaw

· Staple gun

· Electric drill/screwdriver

· Hand clamp

· Furniture legs of choice and handles (optional)

Step 1

Assemble the Ivar unit, leaving off the doors. On the back of the doors are there are two batons which are screwed on. Remove these with a screwdriver.

Step 2

On the reverse of the doors, mark out the area you would like to cut out using a pencil. I left a 2” border all the way round.

Step 3

This is the part where you cut out the centres of the doors. First, use a drill piece which is large enough for your jigsaw blade to fit in and make 4 drill holes in each corner.

Step 4

Use a jigsaw to carefully cut along your pencil line. Take your time and get the edge as straight as possible.

Step 5

Once all 4 edges are cut, the middle piece will come out and you can sand the frame where you have cut with the jigsaw.

Step 6

Trim your cane webbing to the correct size. You’ll want to leave approximately 1” of over-hang so you have enough cane webbing to staple on. Now soak the cane webbing in warm water for 45 minutes. I purchased my cane webbing from The Cane Store and it was approximately £45 including postage.

Step 7

Remove the cane webbing from the water and dry off the excess. Then use a staple gun to attach the webbing to the door, ensuring you hold it tort when doing so. When the webbing dries it should be nice and tight with no sagging.

Step 8

Attach doors to the frame and screw on the desired legs and door handles, if desired. I purchased these legs and handles from Pretty Pegs.

Step 9

Sit back and admire your new piece of furniture which you have successfully hacked yourself!

I also decided to give my unit a coat of liming wax to give it a more washed out/pale look. This is of course optional. You can even paint the unit if it takes your fancy!

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