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K I T C H E N T A K E 2

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Kitchen take two

When we first viewed our house, before buying it, the room that sold it to us was the Kitchen/Family Room. We knew it was going to be the main room we spent most of our time but it was very bland and not really our style.

Shortly after moving in, I discovered you could actually paint white gloss kitchen cabinets using Zinsser BIN primer! I obviously had to do this immediately. I used two coats of primer and two coats of Zinsser All Coat Exterior paint. I had the paint colour matched to Farrow & Ball Off Black for the wall cupboards and Little Greene Light Peach Blossom for the island cupboards. For the first couple of months I loved it and it was 100% an improvement on the white gloss cupboards as it was much more our style. But shortly after I started to dislike the colour of the island as it looked lilac in most lights.

I didn’t want to rush in painting it again and disliking the colours so thought long and hard about the next colour options. My favourite colour palette has always been black and white mixed with neutral colours like nude, greige and of course lots of rattan.

Frenchic paint has always been my most favourite paint to use and I was lucky enough to be able to work with them on a collaboration for this project. They sent me some tester pots and the colours I decided on where Cool Beans for the wall units and Blackjack for the island. Cool Beans is a really warm nude with pink undertones and Blackjack is solid black

As the cupboards had already been painted, there was no need to prime again. I gave them a good clean with sugar soap and got painting.

I started with the island. I removed all the doors, took off the handles, masked off the fixed units and used a foam roller with the Blackjack paint. They took a total of four very thin coats in total. Note: removing doors is not essential when painting kitchen cupboards but I do find this method much easier.

Then I moved onto the wall units which I painted in Cool Beans. Again, I removed all the doors and handles and this time I decided to spray them using my Wagner Paint sprayer. I managed to get all the units painted in one morning and they only required two coats as the coverage was a lot thicker than using a roller. This method did however use a lot more paint. Maybe even double the amount of using a roller. I did however, use a roller and brush when painting the surrounds of the fixed units.

I also decided to spray the handles black on the wall units. To do this, I used Rustoleum Painters Touch Spray Paint in Matt Black.

The next step was to wallpaper the wall around the units. I was back and forth about whether to do this for ages! I normally make pretty rash decisions which leads to me disliking something or changing my mind very quickly. So I really wanted to think this one through. In the end, it was my husband who encouraged me to go for it and I’m so glad I did, as it’s literally made the kitchen! It’s used Rachel Powell Tyler wallpaper from This Modern Life and it gives the effect of tiled walls and just looks really cool too. It’s also separated the kitchen area to the rest of the room.

The last job to finish off this project was to build my two shelf areas using Birch Plywood. It’s one of my favourite materials to use when making anything. It just had a lovely pale finish and gives a real scandi feel. I always get mine cut to size from They take around two weeks to deliver but they stock the 25mm plywood which is quite hard to find.

My original plan was to put four shelves in this little area using floating shelf brackets. But it did not go to plan at all. The shelves were droopy and didn’t look neat and flush against the wall. I know this would bug me so I came up with a new design of building up the wall using pieces of plywood as the supports for the shelves.

This meant I had a whole wall of plywood and gave a much more striking finish than my original plan! I had to wait around two weeks for me cut to size plywood to be delivered but it was most certainly worth the wait!

In the other corner, I decided to use 9mm wooden dowel mouldings which I purchased from Wickes. I cut them to the correct lengths, drilled a small hole in them for the screws and attached them to the walls. They are visible but give a slightly different finish to straight wooden shelf supports. It’s also a fairly cheap way to make some unique shelf supports.

Now everything was complete, I could do my favourite part of styling! I have a slight obsession with vases and dried flowers and now had plenty of shelf space to display them all. Most of my vases are from H&M Home but I also have some Cooee Ball Vases which are such a simple but beautiful design.

One of my next projects is to completely organise the insides of my kitchen cupboards and decant lots of items into jars. So I started this process by decanting our Tea, Coffee and Sugar into some Cork Ball Glass Jars from Eden & Willow

Now every time I walk into our kitchen it makes me smile and I am so in love with the new design! Hope you love it too!

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