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P E R C Y ’ S B E D R O O M

We decided a couple of months ago to move Percy into our spare room for a number of reason. The main one being that his old bedroom was directly next to Albert’s and Albert wakes most nights and is very loud (unfortunately this is part of his autism and something we all have to live with)

The first job in this room was to decorate. The walls were already white and I wanted to keep them this way so they just needed a touch up. I painted all the skirtings, architrave and door black using Frenchic Blackjack and wallpapered the alcoves in wallpaper from Sandberg.

Then it was time to start on the bed...

Percy is 2 years old and we decided to move him from his cot bed into a single bed. I searched high and low for the perfect bed frame and bed guard but couldn’t find anything I liked within a reasonable price range. This is when I decided to make something for him.

I absolutely love the scallops in his old bedroom and wanted to incorporate this theme in the new room but with a difference. Which is when I came up with the scallop bed frame design. It would also mean I could incorporate a bed guard within the design.

I sourced a cheap pine single bed frame from Facebook Marketplace and used this as my base to build around. I then ordered 18mm plywood cut to size from One Stop DIY. This is where I buy all my birch plywood. I could only order rectangles and had to cut the semi circles to create the scallop effect myself. I did this using a jigsaw and then sanded them till they were silky smooth!

For each side of the bed I used 7 x pieces of 18mm plywood cut into the sizes of 300mm x 600mm. For the headboard, I used 3 x pieces of 18mm plywood cut into the sizes of 320mm x 1000mm. And for the base I used 3 pieces of 18mm plywood cut into the sizes of 320mm x 600mm.

Before attaching the plywood panels, I had to add in some reinforcement to the bed frame. I used strips of 30mm timber to do this. I also decided to extend the frame at the base of the bed so it fit perfectly in the alcove. I thought this would look much neater if it was the perfect fit.

I then screwed on the plywood panels from the inside so no screws were visible. I made sure all screws and fixtures were below where the slats sit so it was completely safe for Percy.

Before putting in the slat and mattress I sealed the wood with Polyvine Flat Varnish. I always use this on my plywood as it doesn't change the colour or the appearance of the wood.

The build was then complete and I was in love!

We didn't have a huge budget to buy a wardrobe and furniture as we hadn't planned to do this room until next year. So I decided to use some Ikea Ivar units and do a little #ikeahack. I used an Ivar chest of drawers and a 50cm deep Ivar unit on top. Teamed with some beautiful legs from Pretty Pegs and a rail I had cut to size from eBay - it made the perfect childs wardrobe! (I saw this idea on Pinterest). I purchased an additional Ivar chest of drawers to sit alongside it and added some different legs, also from Pretty Pegs.

The window in the bedroom is pretty huge, being 3.2m wide and 1.7m high. I did manage to find a blind company who made blackout blinds this wide so purchased one from Make my Blinds. I made some curtains using some fabric I bought from eBay and lined them is blackout fabric also. This room will let in lots of light in the summer so I didn't want to risk any of it getting through and waking him.

I also had some plywood circles which I purchased a while ago and had no use for them. I decided to make a curtain pelmet using them. I cut them all in half to make semi circles and attached them to a length of timber which I screwed into the ceiling. I thought the outcome was super cute!

The rest of this project was the fun part of finishing and dressing... I bought some Ikea Flisat bookshelves for the reading corner and used his Rattan Zara bench from his old bedroom.

I was lucky enough to work with Scandiborn on this project and I got to use the following items in the room (PR products):

Ferm Living Safari Rug

Ferm Living Braided Belly Lampshade

Ferm Living Dot Tufted Cushion

Ferm Living Jute Carpet Black Dots

Ferm Living Dot Embroidery Bedding

Nobodinoz Deer Cushion

I'll let the photos speak for the rest of the project and check out my instagram for lots more information on where some items are from. I love supporting small businesses and do this wherever possible.

Let me know if you have any questions and I hope you've enjoyed reading

Jayne x

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