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P L Y W O O D S H E L V E S - K I T C H E N

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

When I decided to paint the kitchen, I really wanted to do something with this corner as it had potential to be more useful. So I decided to make some plywood floating shelves to put here.

I ordered some 25mm birch plywood cut to size from One Stop DIY and some floating shelf brackets from Amazon

I thought it was going to be a simple job of drilling the correct size holes into the plywood, attaching the brackets to the wall and then sliding the plywood on. However, it didn’t quite go to plan. The shelves were droopy and not flush to the wall as the bracket was in the way. I attempted putting a thin piece of wood as a bracket but it just didn’t look as seamless as I’d hoped and I didn’t have the tools or knowledge to adapt the shelves in the correct way

It was then I came up with the design of using sheets of plywood as the supports for the shelves and at the same time making a plywood wall which in my head would look dreamy! I measured up what I’d like the distance to be between each of the 4 shelves and ordered some more plywood cut to size. I had to wait 2 weeks for it to arrive which was extremely frustrating for an impatient person like me

I used 18mm birch plywood for the wall supports. It needed to be thick enough to support the shelves but not too thick to impose on the look of the floating shelves

I attached them to the walls using No More Nails and a Nail Gun I decided not to use screws for the wall pieces as didn’t want any screw holes to show

I started from the bottom and built the system up the wall, until I had 4 shelves. I was undecided as to whether I added the top panels but glad I ordered enough wood to do this as it really finished them off

Next I had to fill any gaps using wood filler. This gave the whole look a really seamless finish. Once the filler was dry, I used my mouse sander to sand it all down and make sure there was no excess filler. The final step was the varnish and protect them. I decided to use Polyvine Wooden Floor Varnish I love this varnish as it’s so hardwearing and doesn’t change the appearance of the wood at all. I’d previously used Osmo Oil on plywood but found it went quite yellow over time

They were then finished and ready to dress! And I actually think this area is my favourite part of my new kitchen. Most of my vases are from H&M Home which is one of my favourite places to buy home items. And I bought some dried flowers from Reste and Pampas Studio.

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