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W C M A K E O V E R - P A N E L L I N G

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

As soon as we chose our new floor tiles, I new the jungle wallpaper we had in our downstairs WC wasn’t going to work so I got planning in my head as to what I wanted to do

I knew I wanted to use strip panelling on the bottom half of the walls as had seen this method in Luke Arthur Wells home and it just looked so classy and a little different to other panelling styles I’d seen. I also wanted to make the fixed vanity unit a little more fancy so decided to add some cane webbing to the front of the door. The reason I chose to add it to the front and not cut a hole, like my previous IKEA Ivar hack, was so that it could easily be removed in future and the door could still be used after a little tlc.

I ordered the cane webbing from Cane Store which is where I go for all my cane webbing and bought some pine strip wood trim from the local timber yard.

I first cut the cane webbing to the correct size and then let it soak in warm water for around 30 mins. This is to make it easier to work with so you can pull it tort when attaching it and it dries nice and tight with no sagging

I then cut my pine strips to the correct size and cut the corners to mitre angles so it would sit nicely

I painted the trim black to match the unit and attached the wet cane webbing to the door using a staple gun and ensuring it was pulled tight when doing so. I used No More Nails to stick the wooden trim on and some mini clamps to hold it in place. Also whilst it was drying I put a small amount of filler in the corners just to make sure there was no gaps. When dry I sanded it and painted it using the same paint (Frenchic BlackJack)

Now it was time to start on the actually room! I decided on Farrow & Ball Elephant’s Breath for the upper part of the walls. My intention was to paint over the wallpaper, which I started to do, but I soon discovered that the wallpaper would peel off easy and so this made life a lot easier. I applied two coats of Elephant’s Breath to the walls and ceiling.

Now onto the panelling. My initial plan was to attach a sheet of 6mm mdf to the wall, paint is black and then add the strips to this. But I decided against this method. Mainly because it’s such a small room and I didn’t want the panelling too bulky and also because it was so tricky getting the mdf sheets into the small spaces. So I painted a base coat using Frenchic BlackJack and I also used this on the skirtings, architraves and back of the door.

It was then ready to add the strip panels! I had these cut to size for me from my local timber yard. I used 12mm thick mdf and had each one cut to a 30mm width and a one meter height. The total cost of these strips was around £45. I also recommend using a local timber yard as the prices are good and you’re supporting local businesses 🙌🏼

But first I decided to paint them all. This was because of the tricky areas around the vanity unit and I knew I’d never be able to reach them with a brush or roller. I knew the quickest way to paint 90 strips would be to spray them. I used a Wagner universal spray paint gun and Frenchic BlackJack and applied 2-3 coats. This method does use more paint but it’s worth it for the speed and finish, in my opinion.

It was then time to start attaching them to the wall. I did this by attaching one panel and then using a spare one as my spacing so the gaps were all even. The areas I couldn’t fully reach, I had to use on its own but for the rest of it I used No More Nails and also a Nail Gun to secure the panels.

I decided once the panels were attached that it needed a trim at the top to neaten it up. I used a 12mm quadrant pine moulding from Wickes which I painted before attaching them and glued them on with No More Nails.

Now the panelling was complete, I used a paintbrush to touch up any areas I’d missed with the paint sprayer and also painted over the tiny nail heads from the nail gun. These didn’t require filler as they hardly showed and were flat to the surface.

Now the hard work was complete, it was my favourite part to add all the finishing touches and style the room! I opted for a Ferm Living Toilet Roll Holder and Towel Hanger, both in black to go with all the black accessories, like the tap and soap dispenser.

I also worked with The Poster Store on an exciting collaboration which is where the prints and frames are from. They have an amazing range of prints and the frames are the best quality I’ve come across.

I’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking and will link all my other accessories below 🖤

•Waffle greige hand towel is from H&M Home

•Ceramic vase - H&M Home

•Black Cooee vase - Amazon

•Rattan mirror - H&M Home (sold out online)

•Black pampas grass - Pampas Studio (PR product)

•Mirror - La Redoute

If you have any other questions please let me know x

*post contains affiliate links

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